Introducing New Avalanche — Ethereum Bridge and DCTD/ENE Liquidity

3 min readAug 2, 2022


Disclaimer : As with any Alpha launch, some Bugs and glitches may be observed on ENEDEX. Whilst we iron out the DEX and the bridge , please only conduct transactions with reasonable amounts as ENEDEX does not hold any responsibility for any losses of funds. ENEDEX is a decentralized system without ENEDEX holding any custody of your fund, using multiple blockchains beyond our control, from third party providers.
Do not use this alpha version bridge for bridging token other than ENE or DCTD.

ENEDEX is starting out in August with a bang! Just last week ENEDEX launched ENEDEX Alpha, now we are upgrading the multichain capability by adding one more bridge for Avalanche — Ethereum. Not only that, but ENEDEX has also received liquidity of DCTD/ENE from DCTDAO. Let's learn more about what these updates are :

  1. Avalanche — Ethereum Cross-chain Bridge

When user open user will be greeted by a new ENEDEX menu of ETH Bridge as seen above. That is the gate way for $ENE token or other project’s token based on either Ethereum or Avalanche to move to either blockchains.

Features :

  1. User friendly UI/UX : the bridge is straightforward, to move a token from Ethereum to Avalanche, user can simply choose the source and destination chain. Select the token and simply bridge the selected token
  2. To Native feature : This feature is the one that differentiates from the BSC-Avalanche bridge. By moving the percentage bar, user can convert a percentage of their token to the native token of destination chain for gas fee i.e a small amount of avax or eth. This feature is currently established and tested on this bridge to make it easy for first time user that don’t have avax to get a bit without having to go to CEX to get AVAX for gasfees. Use accordingly as it’s also still on alpha release

2. DCTD / ENE Liquidity Pool

The first ever liquidity for ENEDEX is finally arrive. It’s the first of many more to come, which started from DCTD/ENE liquidity. $DCTD is project token of DCTDAO that’s recently acquired by ENEDEX with details of the migration can be reviewed on our previous blogpost here.

DCTD/ENE serves as the first liquidity as a showcase of ENEDEX gas-less swap and crosschain capability as $DCTD is Ethereum base and $ENE is BSC base and eventually connected in Avalanche based exchange of ENEDEX

To start swapping, user can simply choose either DCTD or ENE to get started swapping ENE to DCTD or DCTD to ENE. Note that the transaction is on Avalanche hence a small amount of AVAX is needed as gas-fee

Those are the two latest updates of ENEDEX Alpha. The team is working around the clock to continue to improve ENEDEX on the next iteration and bring more exposure to the project. To be the first to hear the updates of ENEDEX, join the community channels at :

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