How Does Real World Energy Asset Tokenization Work? Staking for Returns Real World Assets

3 min readAug 23, 2021


Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the most groundbreaking application of blockchain technology, and it is massively disrupting numerous industries by replacing ineffective centralized intermediaries with secure and decentralized smart contracts. Thanks to DeFi, any type of asset can be effectively traded and secured on the blockchain.

Tokenizing energy assets is the next big trend in DeFi — not just because of how profitable it is, but because it has the potential of applying the power of blockchain to promote green, clean and eco-friendly energy sources. But what is tokenizing energy assets really, and how does it work?

What are Tokenized Assets?

Tokenization refers to a process in which traditional assets such as commodities, stocks, precious metals or derivatives like indexes or futures are turned into digital tokens and stored on the blockchain. The market of tokenized assets is expanding rapidly, and many experts are convinced that tokenization has the potential to disrupt all sectors of the economy.

The main advantages of tokenized assets include:

  • Security — all tokenized assets are extremely secure, as they are protected with military-grade cryptographic algorithms. Because of that, tokenized assets are a very safe investment
  • Efficiency — tokenized assets can be traded and transferred without the necessity to employ centralized third party intermediaries. This allows tokenized assets to be traded 24/7 with minimal fees and very high transaction times
  • Transparency — digital assets stored on the blockchain are transparent and can be independently audited, which protects the investors from the risk of losing capital

Tokenized Energy Assets: Combining the Power of Blockchain With Green Energy

Tokenizing energy assets allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to gain an effortless exposure to the energy market. Investing in the green future for our planet through tokenized energy assets can be very profitable, since energy tokens have the same functionalities as other DeFi assets — for example, they can be staked to generate a source of blockchain-based passive income.

Tokenized energy assets such as ENEDEX energy tokens empower you to invest in indexes of various green energy sectors:

  • SOLAR Token — Solar energy and photovoltaic technologies
  • BIOMASS Token — Renewable organic energy made from plants
  • WIND Token — Clean energy made with wind turbines
  • HYDROGEN Token — Technologies using hydrogen as fuel

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to investing in only one type of green energy. Thanks to the GREEN Token, you can gain an exposure to the entire green energy sector with just a single tokenized energy asset!

How to Invest In Tokenized Energy Assets?

Blockchain and green energy are two of the most revolutionary technologies of the future, and ENEDEX empowers you to invest in both of them at once! To learn how to do that, visit the official ENEDEX social media channels:



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