DCTDAO Tech and Community Migration to ENEDEX

3 min readJul 23, 2022


After months of collaboration, discussions and consideration with ENEDEX, DCTDAO has decided to join forces with ENEDEX by means of acquisition to take on the ultimate goal of becoming the go-to cross-chain, gasless decentralized exchange. This move will be followed by community and tech migration as well as continuous support of the team DCTDAO on ENEDEX’s ecosystem.

One of the reasons why DCTDAO decided to be acquired by ENEDEX was their pursuit of the creation of a Cross-Chain with sustainability features. As DCTDAO has also created a gas-less DEX, it fits smoothly with the idea of the creation of multiple eco-friendly blockchains.

What Happens Next?

Part of the agreement within the acquisition of DCTDAO are the following points and calls to action :

  1. Community Migration

a. Telegram

DCTDAO community in telegram is required to move to ENEDEX main telegram channel at : https://t.me/ENEDEX_Official

Migration period : 5th to 19th August, 2022

After the migration period, DCTDAO admins will remove all group members from DCTDAO telegram channel and discontinue support there. All discussions will be continued on ENEDEX’s main telegram group.

b. Twitter

DCTDAO followers in twitter is required to follow ENEDEX main twitter channel at : https://twitter.com/enedex_hq

There’s no Migration Period limitation on DCTDAO to ENEDEX twitter, but after August 19th, 2022 DCTDAO twitter will no longer respond to inquiries or provide support

2. About DCTD

a. New DCTD/ENE Pair will be Created

New DCTD/ENE Pair will be created and filled with liquidity on the upcoming ENEDEX exchange on avalanche blockchain so that DCTD holders can continue to trade DCTD and viceversa

b. DCTD Holder is Eligible for ENE Airdrop Marketing Campaign

In the upcoming months, ENEDEX and DCTDAO teams will create marketing campaigns with ENE an airdrop as reward. Only DCTD holders are eligible for participating in the campaign. (This does not guarantee all DCTD holders will receive ENE airdrop)

3. About Liquidity

a. DCTDEX Liquidity Migration

Any liquidity contained within dex.dctdao.org will be migrated. All liquidity provision partners will be contacted by DCTDAO team for assistance to migrate to ENEDEX

b. DCTD Pairs on External Exchange Remains

Any liquidity on Uniswap V3 or V2 for DCTD/ETH pairs will remain unchanged for the community to continue to use the pool.

4. About Development

DCTDAO development for DCTDEX will be continued on ENEDEX. DCTDEX will serve as alpha version of ENEDEX Exchange and ENEDEX will receive help from DCTDAO to continue to expand the capabilities of the DEX and the bridge that currently only serve BSC-Avalanche route.

For further information regarding the migration and the move towards ENEDEX, please discuss the matter on ENEDEX Community channel.


ENEDEX is a Crosschain DEX for Energy Trading and Launchpad for tokenization of Renewable Energy Projects. Energy is the latest asset class that is joining the DeFi innovation. ENEDEX brings a new way energy trading will be conducted in the future, and enters a censorship resistant and transparent universe with democratized global access for all. ENEDEX enables a market for minters to safely issue over collateralized synthetic assets, a market for traders to gain exposure to them, and a platform for entrepreneurs to develop new projects accelerating the energy transition creating a sustainable environment.

ENEDEX Channels :

🌎 Web: www.enedex.org

📲 Telegram: https://t.me/ENEDEX_Official

📲 Telegram ANN: https://t.me/ENEDEX_ANN

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ENEDEX_HQ

📖 Medium: https://medium.com/@ENEDEX


DCTDAO is the creator of Gas-less Quantum Proof Cross-Chain DEX, that runs on Moonbeam Avalanche and more called DCTDEX. DCTDAO also home for DeFi ecosystem such as staking platform and token wrapping. At the current version, DCTDAO already have an operational crosschain bridge from Ethereum to Avalanche that only cost bridge fee of $2, among the cheapest in the industry.

DCTDAO Channels :

🌎 Web: www.dctdao.org

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCTDAO

📖 Medium: https://medium.com/@dctdao




The first crosschain DEX for energy trading providing an easy way to kickstart new projects and raise capital