Alpha Tutorial : How to Bridge Ethereum Based Token to Avalanche Using ENEDEX

Disclaimer : As with any Alpha launch, some Bugs and glitches may be observed on ENEDEX. Whilst we iron out the DEX and the bridge , please only conduct transactions with reasonable amounts as ENEDEX does not hold any responsibility for any losses of funds. ENEDEX is a decentralized system without ENEDEX holding any custody of your fund, using multiple blockchains beyond our control, from third party providers.
Do not use this alpha version bridge for bridging token other than ENE or DCTD.

ENEDEX Alpha not only has one bridge from BSC to Avalanche, but it also has the brand new Ethereum to Avalanche bridge that opens the door for Ethereum projects to be in ENEDEX’s ecosystem on Avalanche. More bridges will be built in ENEDEX Beta, but meanwhile, let us learn how to bridge Ethereum tokens such as DCTD to Avalanche blockchain.

Preparation :

  1. Have your initial DCTD on Ethereum

Step by Step :

  1. Go to with Metamask on the initial state of Ethereum

2. Click on ETH Bridge tab and user will be prompted in this interface

3. Choose your initial and destination network. By default Metamask will start from Ethereum.

3.b. To do bridging from Avalanche back to Ethereum, user can switch the network by switching the Metamask network option.

4. Click on select a token and then find your designated token on the token list

5. Enter the amount

6. IMPORTANT : To Native feature is for the user to convert a percentage of their token to become the gas fee of the destination chain. ENEDEX made this so that the user has the most convenient and decentralized way to get gas fee token such as AVAX if the user wish to go to Avalanche network.

If the user already has some AVAX, please turn the tab to zero, but if the user doesn’t please turn the bar to 1–2% just to get AVAX.

7. Afterward, CLICK BRIDGE and done!

Those are the 7 easy steps to bridge your DCTD from Ethereum to Avalanche. Learn more of ENEDEX Exchange by following our channels below :

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