Alpha Tutorial : How to Bridge $ENE from BSC to Avalanche and Vice Versa

3 min readAug 19, 2022


As the core engineer continue to develop ENEDEX Beta Version from Alpha, let us learn how to use the existing BSC/Avalanche Bridge to convert ENE from Binance Smart Chain to Avalanche and vice versa to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Disclaimer :
BSC/Avalanche bridge of ENEDEX is currently still in Alpha Release. Please conduct transactions accordingly with reasonable amount of funds to avoid complications.

Preparation :

  1. Have your initial ENE on BSC, if you haven’t have one. You can purchase on
  2. Use metamask for all of the activities on this tutorial as it is the only proven wallet to be smoothly interact with the protocol. If you haven’t have one, please install at

Step by Step :

  1. Go to

2. Connect your Metamask by clicking on the connect wallet button.

3. Set the bridge initial and destination blockchain. The upper tab is for the origin chain and the lower tab is for the destination chain.

Click on the arrow to change between blockchain. If you wish to bridge back from Avalanche to BSC, then put Avalanche on the upper tab.

4. Set the amount that you wish to bridge and click swap

5. Your metamask will then be prompted to confirm the transaction. Feel free to confirm if all are correct.

5b. Important : You will need to have some avax for gas fee for bridging your ENE. Get some from most CEX or DEX

6. Wait a few minutes and your ENE should be bridged! Check your wallet.

Those are the 6 easy steps to bridge your ENE from BSC to Avalanche. Learn more of ENEDEX Exchange by followin our channels below :

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