4 Ideas on How Community Can Empower Crypto Projects

A crypto project is only as strong as it’s community. It was proven time and time again by how many projects become wildly popular eventhough it has minimum utility value, but on the flipside there are also many projects that are growing slowly or even failed because there are no solidarity and support among it’s community eventhough the product or the idea is great. So now we would like to laid out some ideas for you, dear reader, as a trader, holder or contributor of a project to not only wait for your project to succeed but to support it all the way to make sure it does :

  1. Engaging the Project on Its Social Media

The first and the easiest one is just to simply engage with contents, announcement and various materials that the project has put out to the project’s channel. For twitter, supporter can do things as easy as retweet or like the tweets, which will increase it’s engagement and increase it’s visibility to the general audience of twitter. For telegram and discord, user can simply react to the post or engage in conversations so that the channel will looks vibrant and positive as more and more community members coming in from twitter and external channels.

2. Word of Mouth

This one is also easy, it’s classic but effective, especially since there are still so many no coiners in the world. If you know how to buy a token, especially on DEX, it means you are knowledgeable in crypto. So next time you are on your office watercooler, family gathering, or hanging out with friends, be proud of it. Tell them about the token that you bought on the DEX recently, it’s a conversation starter indeed, and if they want to get the same token, help them out that way the project will have one more holder.

But don’t forget to tell them to do their own research!

3. Make Introductions to Potential Partners or Collaborators

Maybe you’ve involved or hold multiple tokens from multiple projects, which is good, diversify. But isn’t it great if all the projects that you believed in can work together in some ways? Then make that happen! Reach out to the projects key persons to see if they are interested to add liquidity, doing marketing or any kind of collaboration with your other project and connect the two on a group if they are both interested. You’d be surprised how many collaboration can happen if the community also actively reaching out to mutual projects

4. Use Your Specific Skill and Help Out

Among thousands of holders within a project, there are definitely designers, coders, engineers, marketers and various other professions. Imagine if each just 10% of them are willing to contribute their specific craft to a project, there will be a lot more progress happens in a short period of time. Designers can help create UX or marketing material, marketers can shill away the project, engineers can find bugs in the product, and many more that can be done collectively. Even if the project unable to provide incentives, then you can always still make things happen at your own pace as a weekend project that you can be proud of or earn reputation from helping a project succeed.

Those are some of the ways you can help out your favorite projects! Do we miss anything or do you have more ideas to share?

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The first crosschain DEX for energy trading providing an easy way to kickstart new projects and raise capital

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The first crosschain DEX for energy trading providing an easy way to kickstart new projects and raise capital

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