ENEDEX 官方微信交流群现已开通!

We recognise that sometimes it is just easier to communicate in your native language. Following up on numerous requests to create a separate chat for our Chinese community we now have launched ENEDEX group chat on WeChat.


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ENEDEX is a decentralized energy exchange defining the next step in democratized and accessible energy trading for everyone. Let’s have a look at the problem of electric grid balancing and the related issue of gas-fired “peakers” and renewable energy alternatives.

What is “Grid Balancing”?

The amount of generated electric power in a given electric distribution network must at all times equal the amount of consumed electric power in order to maintain the electric distribution network in the state of equilibrium. The state of equilibrium is defined by the constant frequency of the alternative electric current which is, for example in…

ENEDEX is a DEX for trading and a platform for sustainable energy start-ups to raise capital and list their tokens in a decentralized and interoperable environment.

The main purpose of ENEDEX is to provide a decentralized environment for fast, democratized, accessible, and crypto-enabled trading of energy related futures and options. As trading of these derivatives is the backbone of jet fuel hedging strategies employed by airlines, let’s have a look at the future of current jet fuel trading, but more importantly let’s look at what the hydrogen-based jet fuel futures may look like.

Jet Fuel Hedging. Why?

The largest cost…

Decentralized exchange ENEDEX is the next evolution of quantum proof, cross chain energy trading built on Polkadot, Moonbeam and DCore for trading renewable energy products.

Paris, December 12, 2015: 195 countries sign a legally binding agreement to keep global warming well below 2°C — an ambitious goal that will require the economies around the globe to decarbonize large parts of the world’s energy system.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the chemical element which happens to be the most abundant chemical substance in the universe that could replace hydrocarbon products. Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of resources, such as…

Based on the famous Elon Musk tweet from 13 May 2021 depicting Bitcoin as not the most environment friendly cryptocurrency solution:

And given the fact that ENEDEX is a solution to the problem Elon Musk mentioned, we decided to introduce a rare collectible NFT and enable our community to be able to participate to win it.

The end of the contest is on 28 June 2021, the day of the official end of ENEDEX Private Sale A and both the day of Elon Musk’ 50th birthday.

In order to participate please click at the link below:


After a 540% oversubscribed Seed Sale, ENEDEX is now opening a Private Sale A.

The token price is $0.04 and both Ethereum (ERC20) USDT and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BUSD are accepted.

Whitelisting is now open and contributors are treated on a first come, first serve basis (FCFS). In order to be able to participate please fill in the Private Sale Google Form at https://enedex.org

The Private Sale A closing date is 28 June 2021 or when sold sold out.

ENEDEX would like to thank all our participants for their support and a successful completion of the Seed Sale.

  • The Seed round was oversubscribed by 540% with an initial offering of $1m USDT/BUSD.
  • Initial interest shows validation of the increasingly mature crypto and DeFi industry ready to overtake TradFi.
  • The Seed round confirms interest in energy crypto denominated markets and tokenization of renewable energy assets. The future of energy derivatives trading has arrived!

Private Sale A is open now!!!

Visit our website and read the white paper for token economics and more information. Our Private Sale is crosschain and participation can now be settled in both:

ENEDEX announces that it’s private sale rounds (Seed, Private A, Private B) can now be settled both in

Ethereum ERC-20 USDT


Binance Smart Chain BUSD

ENEDEX introduces this additional option in an effort to reduce the high gas fees on Ethereum blockchain.

ENEDEX is a DEX for trading and a platform for sustainable energy start-ups to raise capital and list tokens in a decentralized and interoperable environment.

One of the key issues related to sustainable energy and its proportion in the energy mix is that, at current state of affairs, it is not possible to trace the energy from its points of consumption to its point of origin, i.e. to the source.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Despite your energy provider’s claims that, for example, 60% of the delivered energy is from renewable sources, how do you know whether the gas in your boiler…

Decentralized exchange ENEDEX is the next evolution of quantum proof, cross chain energy trading built on Polkadot, Moonbeam and DCore for trading traditional and future energy products.

Anyone who cares about the environment feels rage coming up when the topic of natural gas flaring pops up. Flaring is the burning of associated gas that is a by-product of oil extraction. There is nothing wrong with the gas other than that it is too expensive to capture and transport the gas to a market where it can be used. The oil and gas industry is under pressure to address the issues…


The first Polkadot Moonbeam crosschain DEX for energy trading providing an easy way to kickstart new projects and raise capital

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